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ONCE provides one-stop solution for overseas sales.

What is a one-stop solution service?

One-stop service from import and customs clearance, domestic logistics in Japan, order processing, and customer support.We help overseas companies conduct e-commerce in Japan.

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We can support various business contents!

What can be solved with ONCE

ONCE has a support system that makes confident to the companies to start selling in Japan

We have a track record of domestic EC logistics.
We help companies with various sales channels such as Rakuten,Amazon, and company websites.

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Products handled

We also support products requiring temperature control from room temperature to
freezing and refrigeration.

Apparel / daily goods / miscellaneous goods / beauty cosmetics / toys / furniture /
storage furniture / fabrics and cloth / prints / flowers / bicycles and parts / sweets /
frozen foods / fruits etc.

※Hazardous goods, raw items, and items that require assembly cannot be handled.

4 points

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About usage fees

We will ask you for details for each case and propose an estima te.

Domestic logistics ・Stronge(space usage fee)
Piece charging system and area (tsubo)
system can be selected (1 tsubo = ㎡ )
・Storing (piece unit)
・Delivery (piece unit)
・Packing (packing unit)
・Devanning (container unit)
・System usage (monthly fee)
・Product return correspondence (per unit)
・Set work (set)
・We can also handle other miscellaneous work
Order processing
Marine transportation /import customs clearance
We will hear detailed informationand propose an estimate.

Flow of use

You can start in 1-2 months! Please contact us at your earliest convenience.